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Why not visit the TOHOKU region of northeastern Japan, and try real cultural experiences?

The four seasons are clearly defined, seen, and felt here in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan, unique to this part of the world. A mild spring, a passionate summer, colorful autumn leaves, and a snowy winter wonderland. All the charms of each season will stimulate your sensibilities with exciting traditional festivals, delicious local food, and breathtaking scenery. A taste of "Real cultural life in Japan" where the people of this region have cherished their heritage and successfully maintain it today.

TOHOKU I TOURS is a travel agency based in Akita Prefecture located in the Tohoku region. Akita is famous for "Akita bijin" (beautiful women) along with the famed Akita dog breed, and is one of the foremost rice producers in the country. A calm and peaceful environment with majestic rural plains extending from mountains to the east towards the sea to the west. Here we can offer unique plans for enjoying some seasonal vegetable harvesting, participation in cooking traditional local dishes, and attending local festivals, and more.

The most dynamic part of TOHOKU I TOURS is that we can arrange unique original plans and tours catering to your particular wants and needs. Unlike other travel agencies, we help you create YOUR tour. We will do our utmost to make your tour such a memorable event that you might not want to go back home.

People in the Tohoku region are considered to be of a mild temperament, kind and gracious. Your encounter with them will both enrich your lives as well as theirs. We know your personalized tour will be something you will cherish for years to come.

So, why don't you come and visit the Tohoku region in northeastern Japan, the little known hidden gem waiting to be explored by you!

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